In store

We’re specialists in the in store sampling game. For instance, our sampling delivered 25 million+ shopper engagements across 30,000+ in store events just last year alone. Crikey!
We’re the sampling agency of choice for over 60 brands, delivering end-to-end campaigns with remarkable impact. As a result, we get the retail space, and can facilitate activations across grocery, liquor and pharmacy retailers.
In addition, we have Sydney and Melbourne offices as well as national hubs across Australia. Therefore, this means that our team are on the ground and across your sampling campaign at all times, looking after talent recruitment and training and delivering expert advice in field.
Finally, we’ll provide you with strategic reporting and data insights to wrap it up so that you can understand the impact of your campaign. From strategic planning to creative execution, we have everything in control to deliver your ROI on in store sampling activations.

in store sampling shopper promotional video