truth and performance

Today, most companies have data, but lack insight.

With so many data sources and inconsistencies in measurement and reporting, it’s harder than ever to uncover actionable implications. That’s why we built Marilyn® — the world’s preeminent commerce marketing technology platform. Marilyn® is designed to ingest, connect, normalise and analyse organisational and 3rd party data—to be your team’s single-source of truth.

Marilyn® helps marketers review performance in a single-dashboard.

Optimise campaign budgets and media plans at the levels that matter most: brand versus brand, retailer versus retailer, campaign versus campaign and tactic versus tactic. In partnership with our team of data scientists and media analysts, Marilyn® has helped marketers improve commerce marketing performance by 21%.

Measurement & Intelligence

Understand the Total Business Impact of Commerce Marketing by comparing results from different media outlets. Marilyn® improves marketing performance by 21%.

Data Management

Put actionable insights at your fingertips and save time on data entry with built-for-commerce performance software that’s designed to capture all your granular commerce marketing details & data.

Insight & Analytics Hub

Synthesize the universe of Commerce Marketing data into easy-to-use dashboards and reporting features. From tracking campaigns to reporting to key stakeholders, Marilyn® helps you understand your programs better and plan smarter.

Investment Strategy

Receive recommended budget allocations across key retailers based on the strategic analysis of your brand and category relationships at each retailer.

Opportunity Sizer

Identify the best sources of growth for your brands based on shopper, market and retailer intelligence and data.

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