Retail Media Report Card: 2nd Edition | Australia and NZ

Available Now: Retail Media Report Card ANZ A universal tool for effective cross-network evaluation

Retail media networks are a convergence of traditional retail spaces and digital advertising, offering brands a wealth of opportunities to engage with consumers throughout their shopper journey. As the rise and development of these networks continue, it's important to know which opportunities are available, and which ones might be a good fit for your objectives and goals

The changing landscape

In Australia, the retail media sector is growing quickly, and is projected to hit the A$1 billion mark by 2025. At the same time, the market in New Zealand is also expected to follow the growth that's taking place around the world.

Smart marketers are seeing the value that retail media networks can deliver, and the important role they play as an advertising channel. With sophisticated methods for analysing attribution and return on investment (ROI), and highly-effective touchpoints, advertisers can reach consumers throughout the entire purchase funnel.

The ability to compare networks

To help marketers evaluate their spending and strategic options across retail media networks in Australia and New Zealand, The Mars Agency has developed a useful scorecard: The Retail Media Report Card. This is updated quarterly to reflect the ongoing efforts of these networks to improve their capabilities and build stronger, more effective partnerships with brands.

As the region's only Retail Media Report Card, it evaluates leading networks across Australia and New Zealand in the following sectors:

  • Grocery
  • Pharmacy
  • Liquor
  • Pure Play

The Report Card examines 62 key capabilities across five performance areas – targeting, measurement, media opportunities, innovation, and partnership.

Valuable insights and informed decisions

It's important for marketers to be able to assess which retailers offer the greatest opportunities and those that will help them achieve their desired outcomes. By aligning retail media activities with broader marketing plans, it assists to seamlessly engage shoppers, provides greater efficiency, and drives towards future success.