Identity Crisis. What’s Your Brand’s Personality?

Identity Crisis. What’s Your Brand’s Personality?

If you want your consumer to connect to, and relate with, your brand; giving it a consistent set of human traits will help increase your brand equity and inspire trust and greater loyalty. Think of it like this. When you meet someone that you connect with, it’s because you share the same set of values, and there’s a spark that exists between your personalities. The more you meet them, the deeper the friendship becomes and it’s because you’re consistent and trustworthy in how you respond to each other that you develop your connection into a loyal friendship. The same goes for the relationship between a brand and a consumer. Your brand needs to make connections with consumers who share the same set of values, and you must ensure your personality is consistent at every touchpoint, whether it’s sampling, events, digital, retail or social. Every communication path leads to one destination – your brand.

So, to avoid an identity crisis, make sure your brand has just one personality – not many. We think Dove is one of the world’s greatest personalities, consistently demonstrating its very real human characteristics and values that every woman, everywhere can relate to.